Too Hot to Post, No Really!

Sometimes a tweet sums it all up.  As I stumbled down the street yesterday in a dark wool suit yesterday after an outdoor networking event, this is all I cold muster.  I made it about a half mile, at a snail’s pace,  before the floodgates absolutely opened up.  Just before I walked past Funky Murphy’s Bar on Shrewsbury St, packed and full length windows all open, the sweat started to flow.  I was like a heat wave car wreck to the people in the bar.  They couldn’t look away or even try to hide their shame, disgust and/or horror!

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2 Responses to Too Hot to Post, No Really!

  1. AB says:

    all thanks to me… what a jerk

    • bradmcnamara says:

      No worries my man! This whole quitting Social Media for the day is backfiring. I forgot my phone blows up every time I get comments, etc across all my platforms.

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