If a tree falls in the forest…..

You know how the rest goes but the real question becomes.
If I don’t post often to carfreebrad, does it really exist?

Thanks to the internet, the answer is yes.  With that in mind I wanted to put this post up to welcome any newcomers to the site.  I write here very seldom these days for a number of reasons(Freight Farms, 3 year old, etc) and this blog serves as a historical record of my journey for a proud car owning daily driver to a bike first, shared economy commuter.

I do my best to update in the coming months but no promises on that.

If you’re new to this site.  Thanks for stopping by!  Please click around and explore my journey.  I promise the further you dig the more interesting and occasionally funny the posts are.

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Mobile Only Experiment part 2

Years ago in an attempt to take the perceived pressure off of proof reeding my posts here, I decided to abandon my formal writing process. The big change was to only write posts on my phone and focus on the content of what I wanted to write not bother with or get caught up in formatting, pictures or spellchecking.

My non Freight Farms bursts of productivity are few and far between these days and in a duration that’s usually less than 10 mins. This fact leads me to believe that I should “go mobile” again to embrace the sporadic/random nature of my inspiration to write here.

With that…….HERE IT GOES! Only crappy unedited 3/4 baked thoughts coming at you here for the rest of 2017.

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It’s been almost 8 years since I was a broke as hell grad student living in a new city who wanted to learn what it’s like to live life “Bike First”.

I’ve learned SO much over the years but have yet to master rain prep so this video seemed like an appropriate re-post given that the only things that’s changed are the city, the bike, the commute….okay everything except the rain.


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You’re Gonna’ Wanna’ See This!!!

To put it simply, WATCH & LEARN….why I haven’t been blogging like I’d like to.  Prioritizing changing food forever.

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