Videos: Anything Featuring Me, CarFreeBrad!

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October 19th- My Rain Routine

Sure this a exercise in “what not to do” and is a terrible example of safety precautions.  But it’s also funny as hell b/c I didn’t get really hurt.

Inspirational young people doing well and doing good!

3 Responses to Videos: Anything Featuring Me, CarFreeBrad!

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  2. Molapo says:

    you don’t talk much but apparently that is vocal. You say a lot on the blog, but its all good, your Dad doesn’t edit it and its all worth rideang.St George sure gets kicked in the butt often. We got two feet of snow from that storm but its melting slowly and we have runaway rock filled ditches all over so the snow melt doesn’t do this to us. I saw the mess/lost houses the last time. It was right across the road from where Grams was living. Lost 9 holes of the golf course right below her place.Models were pretty naked tho. Showed a lot of skin. How about some young surfers next time. I could enjoy that. You know six pak abs etc. Keep up the good work and be careful on that Harley.Mom

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